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Seymour Duncan Steve Bailey Active Soapbar

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Steve Bailey signature active soapbar pickup set with 2 or 3 band active Tone Circuit system for 6-string electric fretless bass.
Seymour Duncan Steve Bailey Active Soapbar

Steve Bailey Active Soapbar ASB-3ASB 6-String 3-Band Set

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Seymour Duncan Steve Bailey Active Soapbar

Steve Bailey Active Soapbar ASB-2ASB 6-String 2-Band Set

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Steve Bailey is a world-renowned player whose signature 6-string fretless bass demands a pickup system that can handle a diverse range of musical styles with equal power and finesse. Steve wanted to use one pickup that would handle all his musical efforts, both on stage and in the studio.

Steves wishes were granted with this pickup/preamp set. Diverse tone and articulate, detailed performance from the neck and bridge active soapbar pickups can handle the wide range of musical styles Steve performs. This one set of pickups takes Steve from a solo performance with slap grooves and shimmering harmonics to a straight-ahead rock show to a jazz tracking session with ease. His tone is crystal clear yet powerful, punchy yet refined. If you have exacting standards about your tone, we believe this set is for you.

The Phase I soapbar pickups fit in a 466 x 127 (the traditional P4) routed 6 string bass.
(4.63″ / 117.60mm long  - 1.27″ / 32.13mm wide - 0.8" / 20.4mm deep)

The 2 or 3 band Tone Circuit provides bass and treble controls (optional mid), a master volume, a blend control, and our special frequency contour switch. This preamp was voiced by Steve Bailey to have two bands of focused EQ, together with a switch that engages a frequency contour optimized to bring out fretless harmonics as well as mid-range boost. The frequency contour is engaged by pulling up of the volume control. There are two small trim pots on the circuit board can be tweaked to preset the frequency contour EQ just the way you want.

This system can be installed in any fretless bass that has space for 3 or 4 control knobs and a single 9v battery in the control cavity. Two 9v batteries can be wired together in series for added headroom.

We include all necessary mounting hardware high-quality potentiometers on pre-wired harness; battery clip; and black anodized, knurled, dome-style knobs.

Battery life is approximately 1,000 continuous hours per set. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Steve Bailey System includes neck and bridge pickups and is available in 2-band or 3-band Tone Circuit built for use with active pickups. Comes with knobs, and all necessary hardware.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Seymour Duncan