Musical instrument wholesale and distribution.


Do you sell direct?
Rosetti Ltd does not sell musical instruments or accessories direct to the public, we only supply to trade accounts who meet our terms and conditions. If you wish to buy a product we distribute, please use our dealer locator to find your nearest Rosetti dealer.

I want to become a Rosetti dealer. 
If you wish to become a Rosetti dealer, please contact us for more information.

How do I make a warranty claim?
Your warranty is held with the retailer you purchased your product from, please contact your retailer directly to make a warranty claim. The standard warranty is 1 year from date of purchase, except for Rickenbacker products, which have a 3-year warranty.

Can I order spare parts for my instrument from you direct?
Your local Rosetti dealer can help you source OEM spare parts for your instrument, however, if you have difficulty in finding the parts you require, please contact us for assistance.

When is my Rickenbacker coming?
Rickenbacker does not supply Rosetti with any ETAs on backorders - therefore we are unable to supply an ETA for a Rickenbacker order as we simply do not have that information to pass on.

Do you have Gibson parts in stock?
No, Rosetti does not distribute any Gibson or Epiphone products, therefore we are unable to supply any parts. Please contact Gibson directly for more information.

I can't place an online order.
Only existing trade accounts can order online, if you already have an account with Rosetti you can apply for your trade log-in online and once approved we will email you back to confirm that you have full access.

I'm an artist in a band, can I endorse your product?
If you are a professional musician based in the UK or Ireland and are looking for an endorsement with any of the brands we supply, please feel free to contact us for more information. Please note each brand we supply has its own requirements for endorsements, so please provide as much information as possible.

Do you sell instruments or spare parts abroad?
No, Rosetti Ltd is a wholesale distributor for the UK and Ireland only. We do not have any agreements in place with our suppliers to sell or distribute products into any other country or region - no matter how small that part may be.