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Seymour Duncan Powerstage 200 Pedalboard Mount Amplifier

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The PowerStage 200 is a compact 200-watt pedal-sized guitar amp designed for guitarists looking for a powerful pedal amp that can handle any gig, rehearsal or studio session. The PS200 was created specifically for players who get their tone from modelling devices, stompboxes or a combination. It has all the features you need; reliability, clean power, switchable EQ, speaker simulation, Aux-In and headphone connectivity! Supplied with UK plug (100-240v / 50-60Hz)

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  • 200 Watt Power Output.
  • Cab sim.
  • 3 band EQ with presence control.
  • Independent bypass switches for cab sim and EQ.
  • 2 speaker outputs.
  • DI (XLR) Output.
  • Aux-In.
  • Internal power supply.
  • Pre-amp and power amp clip lights.
  • Dual Voltage (100-240v / 50-60hz).

The PS200 features two ¼” speaker outputs allowing you to run multiple cabinets. Impedance matching is done internally so you never have to worry about speaker impedance - just plug in and play.

The PS200 is slightly more powerful than the PS170 and differs a bit in its feature set. After listening to their customers and consulting with many of the biggest names in the industry, Seymour Duncan narrowed down a feature set for the PS200 that is simple yet flexible. They noticed that many guitar players perform in a variety of unpredictable venues, so to minimise uncertainty, they included a cab sim (4×12 closed-back) with a DI (XLR) output jack, which you can to front of house or to a monitoring system free of mic bleed or unwanted noise typical in traditional mic setups. Pure tone in any environment.

Seymour Duncan included independent bypass switches for both the cab sim and EQ to make silent recording more flexible. When you bypass the cab sim you can use your own cab sim or IR device, which can expand your pallet of great cab tones to pair with the PS200. Bypassing the EQ section, you can pass the tonal shaping duties off to your modelling device or preferred EQ shaping tool.

To bring out more high-end sparkle they added a presence control giving you a total of 4 bands of EQ on the PS200. The presence control is a great tool to tame any harsh digital artefacts output by some modellers.

Aux In allows you to jam along with drum grooves, backing tracks or your favourite album while practising at home or in a hotel room on the road. Just plug in your phone, audio player or computer and practice silently with full speaker-emulated tone. Aux In is also a great tool during rehearsals when you need to review a recording of a part or practice without disturbing your bandmates as the ¼” headphone jack has its own volume control located on the top of the amp.

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Additional Information

SKU 1611901-003
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Seymour Duncan
Barcode 800315044009