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Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Original Humbucker - PA-TB1N Neck

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Parallel Axis neck pickup uses our original dual-pole design and alnico 5 bar magnet and is a great neck pickup for all Parallel Axis bridge models.
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he Original Parallel Axis neck was designed to balance well with any of our Parallel Axis bridge models. It gives you a bright, clear neck humbucker tone, similar to the Jazz Model. The alnico 5 bar magnet, combined with the precise magnetism of the dual-staple poles, makes the tone even more articulate. Chords sound full and well defined, and single notes have a little more clarity than most neck humbuckers. Matches very well with any of our Parallel Axis bridge models (Original Parallel Axis bridge, Distortion Parallel Axis, and Blues Saraceno model).Trembuckers have wider pole piece spacing, perfect for symmetrical positioning under the strings of guitars with a tremolo or wide spaced hardtail bridge (2 or wider from the centre of the Low E to High E directly over the bridge pickup). Despite its name, this neck version has a standard spacing of just under 2 or 49mm.

Hand made in Santa Barbara, CA, the Original Parallel Axis uses our unique dual-pole design for added sustain, an Alnico 5 bar magnet, 4-conductor wire for multiple wiring options, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free operation.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 1611102-74
Barcode 800315001613
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Seymour Duncan
Position Neck
Colour Black
Conductor 4 Conductor
Magnet Alnico V
Output Medium
String 6
Mount Humbucker
Type Humbucker