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Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Surfer Strat - Set

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Bright, punchy, and aged to perfection, the Antiquity II Surfer for Strat Set captures all the classic singe coil tones from the 60’s.

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Take your Stratocaster on a ride through decades of seminal genre-defining tones from rock, surf, country and blues with the Antiquity II Surfer Set.

The Antiquity II Surf Neck provides that smooth and chimey bounciness that only a Stratocaster can produce. Our specially calibrated alnico 5-rod magnets and custom scatter wound coil give the treble attack a subtle sweetness without losing any of the harmonic sparkle.

The middle pickup in the set is RW/RP for the perfect hum-free cluck in the 2 and 4 positions.

The Antiquity II Surf for Strat Custom Bridge pickup is wound to have extra midrange and output for more versatility. We wind these 50% hotter for more mids, and then slightly soften the treble attack by degaussing the alnico 5-rod magnets. It cuts through the mix much more easily than a traditional Strat bridge pickup, while still retaining that classic Stratocaster tonal character. Solos will jump out more musically, and chords will ring with the perfect amount of midrange sparkle.

Hand-built in our Custom Shop, each pickup is aged to look and sound like a 1960s original. We use vintage correct blue/yellow cloth pushback lead wire, light grey bottom flatwork, and custom-aged covers for just the right look. They are all lacquered and wax potted.

  • Neck: 1611024-09 Antiquity II Surfer Strat - Neck
  • Middle: 1611024-10 Antiquity II Surfer Strat - RWRP
  • Bridge: 1611024-08 Antiquity II Surfer Strat - Bridge
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 1611028-08
Barcode 800315040612
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Seymour Duncan
Position Set
Colour Cream
Conductor 2 Conductor
Magnet Alnico V
DCR 9.8k
Output Vintage
String 6
Mount Strat
Type Single Coil