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The result of a pioneering three-year journey, The Organic Collection from Breedlove offers four impressive series of sustainably-sourced, all-solid-wood acoustic-electric guitars at revolutionary prices. Sustainably harvested all solid woods for superior sound. Torrefied European Spruce tops for aged sound, and durability. Natural-Sound Electronics with soundhole controls. 

Now you can afford the guitar you deserve.

  • Thin tops and UV finishes with less than half the glue which reduces weight for increased volume and sustain.
  • No synthetic materials, resin-impregnated softwoods or glue heavy plywoods which diminish tone. Only all-solid tonewoods, sustainably harvested from naturally grown forests.
  • Crafted with superior tonewoods: Individually harvested and FSC certified European spruce, FSC certified African mahogany and African ebony from the Republic of Congo, and Myrtlewood from Oregon’s Pacific Coast. Nothing is clear-cut.
  • Torrefied European spruce soundboards for rich, aged tone. Torrefication is a special oxygen-free heat treatment process which minimises the impact of humidity and temperature changes on the guitar’s top. Breedlove’s torrefication process advances the natural tonal aging process for instruments that sound richer and more dynamic than standard guitars when new.
  • New Breedlove Natural-Sound electronics with volume and tone controls with easy battery replacement.
  • Available in all four of Breedlove’s revolutionary body shapes: The Concerto, Concert, Concertina and Companion.
  • These are the only guitars at this price point built without wood from clear-cut forests. Play a lifetime of guilt-free music while helping to protect the world's forests.

Breedlove Organic Artista Series


The Breedlove Organic Artista Series takes luxury to a new level, with gold frets and tuners, brass inlays and an African ebony fingerboard capping a Hard Rock maple neck. The latter, denser than mahogany, couples with Breedlove’s favourite tone platform, Oregon Myrtlewood, to create an instrument as sonically powerful as it is visually beautiful—with a thin Natural Shadow Burst finish and dark walnut binding setting off each unique, varied and colourful back and side. Torrified European spruce tops with African ebony bridges work with myrtle’s magic fusion of rosewood thump, mahogany warmth and maple brilliance to deliver a balanced, high energy, ultra-responsive playing experience. When you’re ready, Artista is here. Click here to view the range.

Breedlove Organic Performer Series


The Breedlove Organic Performer Series is seriously stage-ready, with Natural Sound electronics revving under the hood of an “aged” European spruce top and soft cutaways offering access to every fret. African mahogany back, sides and neck impart both a warmth and a cutting power; clarified by the bright, dynamic brilliance of an African ebony bridge and fingerboard. A high gloss Bourbon finish is durable—shimmering in the lights—and thin enough to express every emotion you send through the strings. Gold frets and tuners, tortoise colour binding and simple but stunning brass inlays complete the look, keeping you in tune and ready to rock. Whether a touring pro looking for a roadworthy axe or a YouTube sensation, your Performer is waiting. Click here to view the range.

Breedlove Organic Wildwood Series


The Breedlove Organic Wildwood Series is sustainably sourced with FSC-certified African mahogany from the Congo River Basin, the world’s second-largest rainforest. Curiously, it provides the classic sound of Americana, with all-mahogany guitars known for warm midrange tones that perfectly support a voice. Favoured by folkies, roots rockers and songwriters, mahogany instruments are versatile, with a bold timbre, a crisp attack and strong string-to-string definition. Wildwoods—featuring soft cutaways—sound great strummed or picked, and, accented by tortoise binding, have a simple, straight-grained look as rich as their tone. Are you wild? Click here to view the range.

Breedlove Organic Signature Series


The Breedlove Organic Signature Series—available in four distinctive body shapes—offers the world’s highest-value, superior-sounding acoustic/electric guitars at astoundingly affordable prices. All-solid torrefied European spruce tops sound vintage right out of the box; all-solid African mahogany backs and sides add warmth and projection and a selection of gloss and semi-gloss Copper Burst finishes provide beauty and protection. Comfortable and easy to maintain, Signatures are perfect as your first guitar or as a new, great-sounding addition to your collection. Loud, light, nimble—put your Signature on music with Breedlove. Click here to view the range.

The philosophy behind the Organic Collection with Tom Bedell