Musical instrument wholesale and distribution.

B.C. Rich

As Bernie Rico stated in his 1978 Catalog, “We at B.C. Rich are innovators, speculators, guitar players, manufacturers… and we’re bizarre”. He couldn’t have spoken about the Brand in truer form! Dating back to the first instruments that Bernie Rico and his skilled team of handcrafting artisans created when B.C. Rich was formed in a small East Los Angeles shop back in 1969, the underlying theme of the Brand has been high quality, inspiring playability and excellent value for the price.

B.C. Rich aspires to the same philosophy today. Strict standards are in place from the very birth of the instrument, and only the finest materials are used to create each B.C. Rich guitar. Rich and sometimes rare tonewoods, such as African Mahogany, Rock Maple, Rosewood, Ziricote and Burled Walnut are used in their construction. The lustrous, durable finishes are all hand wet-sanded and then buffed to a radiant gloss. Electronics are also assembled by hand, with the B.C. Rich design pickups giving each instrument its unique voice.