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Shubb AXYS Reversible Guitar Slide


Shubb AXYS Reversible Guitar Slide
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While in use, the bronze slide is a hefty, no-compromise tool that features unsurpassed tone and control. When rotated behind the hand (which takes less than a second) it leaves all the fingers free for unencumbered, conventional fretting. It works so well because of the unique 2-piece design: the Delrin "ring" section remains in place on the finger as the bronze "sleeve" section is rotated with the thumb. The move is done with one hand, so quickly that it doesn't interrupt a solo, and any player can master it with very little practice. The revolutionary advantage of the AXYS reversible guitar slide is immediatly apparent to anyone who plays slide guitar!

Now available in one model with interchangle sleeves to fit all finger sizes!

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